The Message – Joachim’s Dream

Via San Francesco D’Assisi
Sant’Angelo di Brolo ME

The Message – Joachim’s Dream

(Chamber Version)

Media Installation by Detlef Günther | Music by Arvo Pärt

With kindly support by Brilliant Classics – The Netherlands

01. 06. 2022 I 18.30 Uhr

Duration of exhibition
01. 06 bis 25. 06. 2022

“God” – whoever is the creator of the image-formed world – cannot supply the deception, i.e. pretend the factual pure or impure, true or untrue. Only the human being can do that, and he is able to do still more; he can also lie and cheat, proceed violently or murder nonsensically, no matter whether the factual is accepted by him profanely or sacrally, manipulated or simply comes about by fraud.

Arthur Engelbert, 2017

Museo degli Angeli